The Rhode Island Cal Ripken League, in conjunction with the leagues of Washington Park, West Warwick, and Apponaug are pleased to announce the formation of a 50/70 league for the 2016 season.  Each league will field at least one team for weekly play on Saturdays.  The 8 game/ten week season will culminate with the formation of a 50/70 All Star team that will compete for the right to advance to the regional playoffs. The 50/70 All Star team will be made up of players from all 3 leagues.

2016 50/70 team information

What is 50/70 baseball?

Regular WWBL Majors play with a 46’ long distance to the mound and a 60’ base path.  50/70 is 50’ to the mound and a 70’ base path.  The rules for 50/70 allow for open base stealing as well.

Why is WWBL forming this new team?

This addition of 50/70 follows in the philosophy of providing development for all playing levels, regardless of ability.  That is a foundation of the Cal Ripken League, and something the WWBL board believes in very strongly.

50/70 players will be advancing their skills as well as preparing for future play on the larger fields of Babe Ruth, middle school and high school play.

Who can play?

12 year old regular season West Warwick Majors players will be eligible to try out for the 50/70 team this season.

Can my child just play on the 50/70 team?

No, they must be on a WWBL Majors team roster and actively participate in team practices and games.

Won’t 50/70 schedules conflict with other games?

No, the 50/70 teams are all scheduled for Saturdays at 5:00 and 7:00 PM at the Kenney Field on Jefferson Boulevard.

Will the 50/70 team require a commitment to travel?

All 8 games are scheduled for the Kenney Field.  The only travel will be for the All Star team if they advance to the regionals.

Please note: Players from all participating leagues (Washington Park, West Warwick, and Apponaug) will be represented on the All Star 50/70 roster.  Anyone on that roster will NOT be eligible for 46/60 All Star play.




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